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Key Concepts

AR – Augmented Reality:

This technology adds digital elements and objects to the real world. You can use a smartphone, tablet, or computer desktop. For example, AR allows students and teachers to create and interact with virtual 3D models and objects or add dynamic visualizations to a written word.

VR – Virtual Reality:

Offers a complete immersive experience separate to the physical world. To experience VR you need a head-mounted display (HMD) device. For example, VR allows students to join an expedition to the Solar System or safely perform lab experiments.

HMD – Head-mounted Display:

A display device also called a VR headset or goggles that you wear on your head. Usually, it will include hand controllers that will allow you to manipulate objects. For example, biology students can do a realistic virtual animal dissection.

XR Education Consultation

Find the right XR platforms for your academic and training programs. Our XR consultation services provide schools, governments, and enterprises with VR and AR solutions tailored to their intended learning outcomes. We provide system design and integration, assist with curriculum mapping, organize the logistics of the XR equipment, and implement your digital transformation.

VEDX works with several technology partners offering diverse solutions to online education, from language learning to STEM to virtual conferences. Whether you want to explore a single VR education strategy or seek to overhaul your entire curriculum, VEDX will deliver.

Let’s get you to the immersive learning frontier.


Free of charge we want to talk with you and understand your challenges and objectives in terms of adopting new technologies in your teaching and training practices.


Based on the assessment of our extended reality consultants, we will present the solutions that will help you reach your goals.

Strategy and Implementation

Once we have decided on the solution package, we will design the strategy and implementation plan.

Develop Contract

One contract, one provider. With VEDX you don’t have to worry about making various payments or reaching out to different providers of XR education platforms. We will be your sole point of contact in your same language and in your time zone.

Setup and Support

We will provide the training and setup needed to get you started with the software and hardware (VR goggles). Once you get started, we offer continuous support for you and your staff.


We will do an ongoing analysis to evaluate the adoption and performance of the offered XR technology solutions in your education and training programs.

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Get in touch today to set a discovery call with our extended reality education consultants. You’ll receive personalized consultation from our team and will be shown customized solutions from our XR technology partners based on your students, trainees, or workforce’s learning needs.

Get a Proposal

Our team will present our proposal, which maps out the design and implementation of your solutions. Then, upon your approval, we’ll begin building the product. We’ll also facilitate trials and generate the POC.

Jumpstart Your XR EdTech Strategy

Once everything’s finalized, we’ll facilitate the implementation of your XR education solution. We’ll support your training and technology adoption and help organize logistics (including the XR equipment) for them. You’ll receive ongoing support from the VEDX team.

VEDX Delivers Innovations in Learning

A Mission-Driven EdTech Partner

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Our mission is to make XR technologies accessible to schools, companies, and institutions. There’s an unbroken link between XR education and the future of online learning; VEDX makes it possible for you, today.  

Seamless Integration

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VEDX makes the implementation seamless and easy, especially for educational institutions that are new to XR. We’ll find a solution, customize it, implement it, and check if it’s working for you.

VR Goggles Lease Program

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We offer lease options for VR equipment if you’re not looking to purchase them. Our VR Goggles Lease Program is available for an academic year or for multi-year contracts.

Working Together

Educational Institutions

Build an immersive experience for your students. VEDX supports educational institutions that cater to high school students (9th to 12th grade), language institutions, trade schools, and universities that want to explore XR education. You can create interactive lecture halls, private student chat rooms, STEM labs, and even tours of the world. With VEDX, you’ll offer learners a more dynamic and effective way of learning.

Government Agencies

Enhance learning outcomes for your trainees. VEDX supports government agencies with programs dedicated to training and learning. Our XR solutions focus on the language learning and skills improvement of different kinds of learners. We have immersive language learning programs in 41 languages.


Build better training initiatives for your workforce. VEDX supports companies that want to explore VR and AR technologies for employee training programs, all designed to improve performance and productivity. We also provide avenues for virtual events, conferences, and exhibits enriched with VR and AR capabilities.


Explore the VR and AR solutions for your institution. Contact us for XR consultation services today.