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Build an Immersive Learning Experience with VR

VR tricks the senses into thinking that you’re in a different world altogether. Using a head-mounted display (HMD), students are immersed in a dynamic, virtual reality classroom.

VEDX helps you make the most of these technologies. We offer a full suite of solutions covering everything from needs assessment to systems design to full implementation. Whether you want to explore one VR strategy or revamp your entire curriculum, VEDX will provide the support you need.

How VR Technologies Facilitate Better Learning


VR solutions create a better, more enjoyable learning experience. Learners:

  • Experience increased engagement and motivation
  • Have the chance to improve critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills
  • Exhibit higher retention of information, which is stored in the long-term memory
  • Enhance their collaborative skills and emotional intelligence through interaction with fellow students
  • Prepare themselves for a high-tech job market
  • Build the skills demanded by a tech-savvy world

Teachers and Trainers

VR technologies help teachers and trainers reach intended learning outcomes. Educators:

  • Access tools that bring the curriculum to life — VR education solutions that deliver authentic hands-on experiences to students
  • Increase the safety of classroom activities and eliminate tools and reagents that pose a safety hazard
  • Overcome challenges to virtual learning, like the lack of interaction
  • Have a greater chance of improving students’ comprehension, thanks to direct interaction with learning objects
  • Use VR to make classes more engaging and enjoyable, especially for young learners


VR solutions help educational institutions get to the frontier of online learning. Institutions:

  • Deliver programs designed for 21st-century education, focusing on digital skills required to solve real-world problems
  • Produce students who are comfortable in a highly digitized environment
  • Bridge students and teachers, regardless of geographical restraints
  • Pave the way for students to enroll in a virtual reality degree
  • Are at the forefront of online education, using the power of technology without losing the social elements of a traditional classroom
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