Integrate VR into Your Corporate Training

VEDX provides a full suite of VR solutions for corporate training and education.
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Take Your Training to New Heights

Leverage VR to improve training outcomes and boost your productivity. VEDX provides everything needed to integrate VR into your programs. We’ll design, organize logistics, implement the solution, and monitor its progress.

Enrich Your Training Programs

Through VEDX VR solutions, your company can:

  • Create interactive lecture halls for corporate trainees
  • Create interactive virtual classes in a digital classroom
  • Build digital laboratories where trainees can apply what they’ve learned safely
  • Design a virtual skills training environment
  • Use immersive learning programs for 41 languages
  • Hold virtual events, conferences, and exhibitions
  • Use VR to build a virtual recruitment platform

Depending on your requirements, you can obtain these solutions à la carte, but you can also invest in a complete VR package, which will overhaul your current training programs.

Complete VR Package

Our complete VR package will transform your programs into a VR learning system. Trainers and trainees will use their laptops to immerse themselves in a VR environment, where they’ll interact, collaborate, and put their skills to the test. They’ll engage with one another, as well as 3D objects, as if they’re in a real training room.

Tailored to Different Kinds of Trainees

  • Language Learners – VEDX has VR software solutions that are designed specifically for language learning.
  • Trainees – Our VR solutions create virtual training rooms and classrooms, which facilitate interaction between the attendees.
  • Event Attendees – We have VR solutions that immerse attendees into a 3D event space and allow them to interact freely with one another

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Trusted by Companies and Corporations

VEDX has supported several companies in upskilling their workforce. We’ve worked with different enterprises in different industries, providing solutions for all levels of trainees.

Complete VR Solutions

VEDX ensures seamless and frictionless integration into your systems. We oversee every aspect of your digital transformation, from the design to implementation to monitoring.

Invest in Reliable VR Hardware

You have access to high-quality VR headsets and other related equipment through the VEDX Global Store. For cost-effective solutions, we offer a two-year Goggle Lease Program.

Overcome Geographical Barriers

Regardless of physical location, our VR solutions bring together the trainers and trainees, the speakers and attendees in an interactive and safe virtual space.

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