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VEDX provides complete VR solutions for enterprises. Explore the possibilities today.

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Enrich Your Enterprise through VR

VEDX helps you leverage VR to improve your productivity and bottom line. We design VR solutions according to your needs, incorporate them into your systems, organize the logistics, take charge of implementation, and monitor progress.

We enable a frictionless, digital transformation journey for your enterprise.

Build Better Events and Programs

For Training Programs

Through VR, your enterprise can:

  • Simulate laboratories and work environments for training
  • Create interactive lecture halls
  • Implement language learning programs for 41 languages
  • Build private tours of the world

For Events and Conferences

Through VR, your enterprise can:

  • Hold virtual events, conferences, and exhibitions
  • Simplify the virtual registration process
  • Group participants to increase engagement
  • Enable networking with attendees and speakers
  • Enable easy sharing of resources with attendees before, during, and after the event

You can get these VR solutions à la carte or obtain a complete VR package that transforms your current curriculum delivery or events planning.

Complete VR Packages

Our complete VR packages overhaul your entire training program or event planning system. Instead of conventional distance learning or online conferences, trainees, trainers, and attendees will use their laptops to enter a fully digital space. Here, they can interact, learn, network, and collaborate with their peers.

Tailored to Different Kinds of Stakeholders

  • Trainees – VR solutions can simulate laboratories and workplaces for better engagement
  • Language Learners – We have VR software solutions designed specifically for language learning
  • Event Attendees – We have VR solutions designed to increase engagement among remote attendees and speakers

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A Trusted Enterprise Partner

VEDX has worked with several enterprises in various industries. Despite the disparity in learning needs, we could find the right VR solutions for all our clients.

Make Events More Productive

It’s notoriously difficult for virtual events to increase engagement. However, when immersed in a VR space, attendees will be much more engaged, motivated, and excited for the event.

Improve Training Programs

The lack of interaction is a common problem in distance learning and training, but VR addresses it. Because it creates a classroom setting, it doesn’t lose the social elements of learning.

Invest in Quality VR Headsets

VEDX is an official reseller of several trusted VR hardware through our Global Store. For enterprises looking for cost-effective solutions, we also offer a Goggle Lease Program.

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