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VEDX provides a full suite of VR solutions for government training programs.
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VEDX helps government agencies use VR to improve learning outcomes. We deliver a complete solution — we design the VR platform, integrate it into your curriculum, organize the equipment logistics, and monitor its performance.

Build Better Training Programs

Through our VR solutions, you can:

  • Create immersive language learning programs in 41 languages
  • Simulate work environment for hands-on training
  • Train students in digital laboratories for better safety and lower laboratory costs
  • Build interactive lecture halls
  • Create private tours of different parts of the world
  • Hold virtual conferences, events, and exhibitions

Depending on the needs of your programs, you may get these solutions à la carte or overhaul your entire program to integrate VR tools.

Our complete package transforms your current curriculum delivery into an entirely VR environment. You’ll transcend physical boundaries; regardless of location, the trainers and trainees can immerse into the VR space via their laptops and attend classes.

Tailored to Different Kinds of Learners

VEDX works with several technology partners, so we’ll find the right VR education tools for your government programs.

  • Language Learning – If language learning is the main thrust of your program, we have several types of software designed specifically for improving fluency.
  • Classroom Setting – If your program requires a classroom setting, we have VR software solutions that simulate a real classroom. Educators and students interact and collaborate in an entirely digital space.
  • Workplace Simulation – If your program requires workplace training, VR software solutions can simulate workplaces and laboratories to build your students’ skillsets.

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A Trusted Government Partner

VEDX has worked with various government agencies in Panama, Brazil, Israel, and Australia. We have successfully delivered VR education solutions for different kinds of learners, from grade-school students to cadets.

Complete VR Solutions

Even if this is your first experience with XR education, expect seamless integration and full support. Our team will take care of designing, logistics, implementing, and monitoring. Innovative and creative, VEDX will make everything frictionless.

Access High-Quality Hardware

You can procure VR equipment through the VEDX Global Store. We’re an official reseller of many leading VR hardware. We also offer a two-year Goggle Lease Program to help mitigate the high upfront costs.

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