Integrate VR into Your High School Curriculum

VEDX provides a full suite of VR solutions to high schools. Explore the possibilities today.

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Take Learning to New Heights

VEDX designs VR solutions tailored to the learning needs of your high school students and assists in curriculum mapping and integration. You’ll receive customized, ready-to-use VR learning technologies, as well as logistical assistance for their implementation.

Build a Better Learning Experience

Through VEDX VR solutions, your school can:

  • Use digital STEM labs to minimize safety risks and reduce laboratory costs
  • Create interactive lecture halls for more engaging discussions
  • Build private tours of the world
  • Use immersive language learning programs for 41 languages
  • Create private chat rooms for students

These are just some of the immersive experiences you can craft for your students. You can obtain these solutions à la carte or get a complete curriculum package for the full VR education experience.

Complete VR Package

Our complete high school VR package transforms your current distance learning curriculum into an entirely VR environment. Here, the educators and students use their laptops to collaborate, interact, and learn in a VR space.

Tailored to High School Students

VEDX works with several technology partners to find the right VR platforms for Grades 9 through 12 classes.

  • Full Curriculum – Classes include languages, astronomy, molecular biology, anatomy, paleontology, history, and many more.
  • Classroom Setting – You will build virtual classroom spaces where students can move and learn, just like a real-world classroom.
  • Live Lessons – Your students will attend live lessons or visit pre-recorded lessons.

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Receive Complete Solutions

VEDX provides everything — personalized consultation, systems design, implementation, setup, and results monitoring. Even if this is your school’s first venture into XR, VEDX ensures everything is integrated seamlessly.

Make Classes More Enjoyable

Your high school students will experience increased motivation as they interact with 3D objects in a digital space. A VR environment helps improve critical thinking and prepares students for a tech-savvy world.

Beyond Distance Learning

The lack of interaction is a downside to distance learning, but VR helps educators overcome it. By immersing students in a 3D space, VR enables students and teachers to interact with one another like in a real classroom.

Get Hardware Solutions

VEDX grants you access to headsets for your VR programs. We’re an official reseller of several headset solutions through our Global Store. We also have a Goggle Lease Program to eliminate upfront costs.

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