VR Workforce Development Programs

VEDX provides workforce development solutions for vocational education and training programs.
Explore the possibilities of using virtual reality as a training tool today.

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Take Your Skill Development Programs to New Heights

VEDX provides VR solutions that cater to the educational and training needs of your students and trainees. Our specialists design the right VR platforms for your program, map out your curriculum, organize equipment logistics, and assist in implementation.

VEDX ensures seamless integration into your current vocational education programs.

Build a More Effective Training Environment

Through VEDX, your workforce development program will:

  • Simulate real-world work environments in a safe and cost-effective digital space
  • Create immersive language learning programs in 41 languages
  • Use digital workplace simulations to minimize safety risks
  • Create private chat rooms to assist with group discussions and student engagement
  • Build interactive lecture halls
  • Hold virtual events, conferences, and exhibitions

These are just some of the learning experiences that you can offer through VR. Each of these solutions is offered for individual classes or programs. However, if you are interested in a curriculum overhaul, VEDX also provides a complete VR package.

Complete VR Package

Our complete VR package transforms the delivery of your entire curriculum. VEDX will enhance your current programs to a full VR learning environment. Trainees and educators will use their laptops to immerse themselves in a VR learning space, where they will interact with one another and 3D objects.

Tailored to Workforce Development

VEDX works with several technology partners that offer diverse VR solutions. We will design and customize the best possible virtual reality training platforms for your students.

  • Classroom Setting – Some solutions create virtual classrooms, where trainees can interact with trainers as if they are in a real classroom.
  • Simulated Workplaces – VR can recreate the work environment, giving the trainee a rich workplace experience.
  • Building Skillsets – VR allows your trainees to go back to a simulated work environment, without additional expenses or inconvenience, to build their skillsets.

Enhance Your Vocational Training Program with VEDX

Get Complete VR Solutions

VEDX will work with you through planning, designing, organizing of logistics and implementation of the VR strategies.

Invest in High-Quality Hardware

VEDX is an official reseller of reliable VR hardware. In addition, we offer a VR Goggle Lease Program to mitigate high upfront costs.

Improve Distance Learning

Unlike conventional distance learning, VR allows for more interaction between trainees and trainers.

Make Training More Enjoyable

Your trainees will enjoy learning in a completely digital space, where they can interact with 3D objects and safely put their skills to the test.

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