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VEDX helps design VR educational tools for your online degrees.

We provide ready-to-use VR education solutions. Our team takes care of everything, from design to systems integration to implementation. We assist in curriculum mapping, equipment logistics, and performance monitoring.

Build Better Undergraduate Programs

Among many VR solutions, your institution can:

  • Create interactive lecture halls for your students
  • Train students in digital STEM labs
  • Build private tours of different parts of the world
  • Simulate work environments
  • Create private chat rooms for your students
  • Use immersive language learning programs for over 41 languages
  • Hold virtual events, exhibitions, and conference

You can get these programs à la carte or get a complete curriculum package for the full VR experience for your online degrees.

Complete VR Package

Our complete VR package transforms your current distance learning programs into full VR programs. Your professors and students will use their laptops to enter a virtual space where they attend classes and perform laboratory work.

Tailored to College and University Students

  • Transcend Physical Boundaries. Your institution can bring teachers and students — regardless of their physical locations — into a digital classroom, where they can interact and collaborate.
  • Offer More Effective Distance Learning. Evidence shows that students are more engaged and motivated when they use immersive technologies such as VR. In addition, students can attend live lessons and visit pre-recorded lessons.
  • Full Curriculum. VEDX will find the right VR platform for your classes, including languages, molecular biology, anatomy, ancient history, and more.

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With VEDX, your institution will deliver programs designed for 21st-century education and produce graduates who are comfortable in a highly digitized environment.

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Expect seamless integration, even if this is your first foray into XR. We will design, map out the curriculum, organize logistics, implement and monitor the programs.

Invest in the Right VR Hardware

VEDX grants you access to reliable, high-quality VR hardware through the VEDX Global Store. If you’re not looking to purchase outright, you can enter our Goggle Lease Program.

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