Our Partners in Producing XR-Powered Education Solutions

VEDX only partners with the best XR education companies in the world to produce solutions for schools, governments and companies seeking to educate their learners using these new technologies. XR education requires cross-collaborative efforts and LMS integrations – we manage and support these projects with our partners and customers.


These partners are in a full partnership model for the distribution of their platforms. We work to bring them together in a central “metaverse” or as stand-alone solutions with full stakeholder transparency and us as the project manager and customer support.

Design your own unique universe in VR

A social VR Platform to make content creation for social VR simple and easy.

Experience a beautiful adventure in space and build out your science and astronomy programs or hold an event and feature a guest speaker.

With Future Tech Labs build out your architecture program, your recruitment platform, or design a job skills training environment.

Immersive technology solutions for enterprise and education

Veative gives teachers the ability to provide differentiated, unique learning opportunities for all students whether they are at a school or at home.

Over 550 Interactive STEM Labs & Simulations in VR and WebXR.
Deepens connections to complex concepts through realistic experiences.
Formative assessment data and analytics tool for differentiating instruction and tracking student progress toward mastery.
Immersive, interactive instructional content for elementary school through higher education.
Each module consists of learning objectives, concept overview or investigation, and assessment.

VictoryXR is the world’s leading creator of education content in virtual reality and augmented reality.

VictoryXR Academy provides classrooms, 3D VR objects, professional development, and the platform. Allows students and teachers to interact in a classroom setting in VR and move effortlessly around the classroom spaces and learn as if they were actually there.

Anatomy, molecular biology, astronomy, paleontology, ancient history, and rooms for other immersive learning.

Over 100 learning classes in true spatial 3D.

Students get to take part in live lessons or can visit pre-recorded lessons.

VictoryXR is the world’s leading creator of education content in virtual reality and augmented reality

Engage is an advanced communications platform

Ideal for collaboration, education, simulated training and virtual events. An intuitive interface makes virtual interaction easy and engaging with maximum scalability and customization capabilities.

Remote meetings, classes & events.

Engage editor: quickly create and develop immersive content with minimal technical knowledge.

Cross platform support: supports both VR and non-VR devices (headsets, desktops, phones and tablets).

Enterprise deployment: customization options and the ability to upload private content.

Personal statistics and progress metrics within our dashboard.
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.
Available on any device: PC, Mac, iOS, Android – your progress will be automatically synchronized across your devices.
41 languages to learn from your native language.

Play your way to a new language

A multi-device application that allows teachers to drive language learning with faster retention, including with an AR assistant and back-office tracking of students and their progress for the teacher.

3,000 interactive scenarios across 9 languages: German, Spanish, French, English, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Greek and Indonesian.

4 scaffolded learning modes: Pronunciation, dictation, translation, immersion.

3 leves: beginner, intermediate, advanced.

Immersive language learning

It is about virtually stepping into a beautiful and authentic location to practice a language. ImmerseMe will prepare learners with the practical language skills they need to thrive as global citizens.

Virtual Events for the Modern Enterprises and Hosts

An online platform to create interactive virtual events and conferences. It is built to be simple for the host, meaningful for the attendee, and valuable for the sponsor.

Registration: Simple registration process to access the event.
Reception: Attendees get a snapshot of the whole event.
Agenda: View, join and add sessions to your schedule with ease.
Networking: Meet speakers and attendees right away.
Group tables: Attendees can participate in group sessions where they can network and discuss different topics.
Resources: Share resources with attendees ahead, during and after the event.

Sama learning’s Chemistry VR series makes the intangible, tangible

Through a series of lessons covering balancing chemical equations, the periodic table, bonding theories, and quantum mechanics the Sama Chemistry courses provide the learner with the tools they need to master the material. Each lesson combines straight forward explanations of concepts with active learning activities and assessment and feedback cycles to make sure that every learner can access the learning pathway that works for them. In addition to the lessons, students and instructors get access to VR sandboxes which let them build their own molecules, explore the periodic table, and chemical reactions. Our lessons are demonstrated to improve student learning outcomes and attitudes towards chemistry. With average improvements of learning outcomes of a full letter grade, and arguably more importantly students leave these VR lessons feeling like they can master chemistry.

Better Grades – One full letter grade improvement

Increased Performance – 277% increase for lowest performing students

Future Proof – 92% of students said yes to VR outside of class

A learning tool with infinite power

Proteus offers a learning platform that uses virtual reality and artificial intelligence to recreate learning activities found in any environment. We give students and teachers access to a fully equipped laboratory where they can do all kinds of experiments related to their curriculum. We are constantly adding to our activities library and are open to any suggestions.


Our multi-person mode facilitates teacher coaching and collaboration between students.


The platform integrates a logbook system allowing teacher to give a feedback on the manipulation and the respect of the protocol by the student.

Hands-on activities

Student get to manipulate lab material like they will normally do in real life.


We offer the possibility to carry out remote lab experiments.

We specialize in creating virtual reality experiences

GuessworkVR is a team of VR enthusiasts who have been developing in and out of a headset since the Oculus DK2. We have spent the past 5 years creating new ways to push the medium forward, whether it be a game, a tool, or an immersive experience. Our passion is for making unique products that not only cross the boundary of what’s expected, but surpass what is imagined. No matter the challenge, our team is ready to face it.

Spatial Learning and Training Using the Latest in Virtual Reality

ChalkBites is one of the leading companies providing training and collaborating solutions using Virtual Reality technologies. The ChalkBites Enterprise Training Center provides workplace training and meeting spaces in a spatial environment built in a modern metaverse. Our solutions are delivered in a fully immersed spatial environment; this environment eliminates competing distractions, increases participant engagement, and offers kinesthetic learning. The training is surprisingly practical, cost-effective, and affordable.

3D/Spatial: Warehouse Safety, Bloodborne Pathogens, Ladder Safety, Fire Safety: Building Evacuation, Hiring: Interviewing Best Practices.

360 Video: Hand Tool Safety, Safety Harnesses, Relaxation/Rejuvenation videos.

Simulators: Forklift, Warehouse Safety, AED, Fire Extinguishers.