Our Education Partners

These education partners are in contract with VEDX to support their XR programs and Online degrees. We work closely with them and our education agencies to promote their programs to the world.

VR English Language Programs for Young Learners and Adults

Virtual reality language learning is a method like no other and EC English, in partnership with VEDX and Global XR Academy lead the way in delivering VR language learning experiences.

We have both adult and young learner VR programs running and the overall vibe has been positive and enthusiastic as they have embraced this task-based way of language learning that is immediately engaging and effective. It’s an all-round sensory experience that allows students to interact with each other not only vocally, but “physically” through their avatar – high five each other, interact with virtual objects in the game-play style surroundings and play games together all inside the VR world.

Every element of the VR platform is designed to teach, to encourage language learning and to aid the lesson. It is a fully immersive experience that lets students participate just as they would in a physical classroom but without leaving home. Our current adult students are part of a bespoke English language program and report that they are loving this new approach to learning!

Earn an Associate Degree online and transfer to a US university.

Affordable. Flexible. Accredited. The Associate of Science (AS) degree from Snow Online provides you a solid foundation of general education knowledge to help you thrive today and pursue a successful path in the future.

Earn a regionally accredited Associate of Science (AS) degree through an Accelerated Online program with transferable credits.

Advance through the courses at your own pace and master as many credits as possible.

Online, self-directed education puts the learner in control of when learning happens.