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VEDX delivers cost-effective VR hardware solutions for your EdTech programs.

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As part of our Extended Reality consultation services, VEDX grants you access to the VR hardware that your system needs. Depending on your requirements, you can easily procure hardware through the VEDX Global Store or enter our Goggle Lease Program.


   Virtual Reality

   Creates a fully digital environment,
complete with imagery and sounds

   Augment Reality

   Overlays digital information, like images and sounds,
on real-world environments

   Extended Reality

   The umbrella term for VR, AR, and other systems that alter reality

   Head-Mounted Display

   The goggles or helmets used in XR systems  

Invest in High-Quality XR Hardware

VEDX is a certified reseller of:


HTC’s VIVE Focus offers an all-in-one solution for your VR program. It features wireless VR with high-resolution 3K AMOLED screens. It’s also user-friendly, even for young learners, and delivers a 110° field of view for a truly immersive learning experience.


Pico’s Neo 2 and Neo 2 Eye VR headsets deliver best-in-class 4K resolution, along with a 101° high-fidelity field of view. It also enables 6 Degrees of Freedom. With an ergonomic counterweight design, the headsets provide comfortable wear, even for extended periods.


Oculus’ Quest 2 delivers seamless VR performance, thanks to its blazing-fast processor. It stores up to 256GB and enables next-generation graphics with its 1832 x 1920 resolution. The Quest 2 also features built-in speakers that deliver cinematic 3D positional audio.


The Microsoft HoloLens 2 features a dial-in fit system that enables comfortable wear for extended use. It also allows the user to keep their glasses on, as the headset is designed to sit on top of eyeglasses. The HoloLens features 6 Degrees of Freedom and 2-3 hours of battery life.

Goggle Lease Program

Our Goggle Lease Program helps you implement your VR EdTech strategies without the high upfront cost.

The lease program comes with a two-year service contract. If you wish to continue leasing after two years, you can trade the goggles for the latest model. The lease cost depends on the model you’ll use and is equal to an amortized monthly spread. Please contact us to discuss pricing.

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