Virtual reality (VR) has transformed learning on the job, especially during the pandemic where in-classroom sessions are on hold. Immersive virtual-reality learning simulations teach architects, construction workers, doctors, and other skilled workers the specialized abilities needed in real-world scenarios. Take it from the multinational retail giant Walmart.

Before VR, Walmart had adopted varying online and job shadowing programs. But Brock McKeel, Walmart’s former senior director of digital operations, wanted to explore more effective ways of training their 2.2 million associates. He visited the University of Arkansas football training facility, where he witnessed virtual reality training in action, and it showed exemplary results.

“Seeing a scenario where quarterbacks can do repetitions in a safe environment to better prepare them for the game made a light bulb go off. They were getting memorable experiences that prepared them for when things actually happened on the field. I thought this would be a great format for the Academies,” claimed McKeel.

It didn’t take too long before Walmart incorporated immersive technology in their corporate training programs. Now, the company uses virtual reality technology to teach soft skills such as public speaking and customer service and train workers to use new technology.

Since they began using VR training tools, Walmart reported that associates scored 70% higher on tests from training sessions 70% of the time. There was also a 10% to 15% increase in knowledge retention than before the implementation of virtual reality training.

How Does VR Work?

VR uses advanced computer technology to create a simulated environment. Using VR headsets, users are immersed in a hyper-realistic environment where they get to interact with the digital world. VR tools can be standalone or require the use of mobile devices like phones and laptops.

While VR has gained popularity in the gaming industry, it is also being used in learning applications like training doctors to perform heart surgery and teaching workers to operate industrial machinery.


Benefits of VR in Employee Training

For many companies, using VR has helped improve training efficiencies and strengthen learning methods. Here’s how:

VR Training Enhances Skills Development

VR places learners in a virtual world where they can learn new skills through practical experiences. Learning by doing has been proven effective in strengthening abilities. Studies show that interacting with objects, tools, and other people increase the quality of learning and knowledge retention by up to 80%.

Through VR, users can recreate real-life work scenarios and practice solving various workplace challenges. This is especially helpful in high-risk industries like the aerospace and oil sectors. Users can sharpen their skills via immersive learning experiences without having to worry about real-world consequences.

VR Creates Engaging Learning Experiences

Traditional training methods like using PowerPoint presentations and textbooks can easily become monotonous. Through interactive training platforms like VR, learning on the job becomes more engaging and enjoyable.

VR puts a video game-like spin to training sessions by utilizing game elements like awarding points, badges, and stars each time a task is completed. Gamification can be used in e-learning to motivate students to learn new languages. It can even be used for practical training like learning to drive a car.

VR Training Helps Employers Optimize Staff Training

VR simulated environments allow employers to do test runs on new training programs and see how employees respond. It’s an effective method for improving training courses for future team members. The participating employees can give their input, and employers can adjust the program based on their recommendations.

Amplify Job Training with VR Technology for Learning

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