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VEDX wraps up September with the Council for Opportunity in Education Conference, the GIST (Gaming Istanbul) 2022, and Gatherverse E.U. Summit. Coming up in October is the COSA Principals Conference and the OSU Career Fair. These events are great opportunities to meet more educators and to bring more schools into our partnership network using the VEDX Classroom.

COE Conference – our CEO, Jay Schnoor, just finished a week-long conference with educators from across the nation involved in the Trio Programs. These educators were excited to discuss how the VEDX Classroom will increase recruitment to their programs, help run innovative summer camps, and “meet the student where they are” with VR technology. It is rewarding to have educators be excited about what VR can accomplish for social and emotional learning in young adults. Additionally, the Trio Alpena program is all set up in the Infiniverse; jump in and see it!

FREE Webinar – Virtual Reality in Education

Real insights, case studies, and actionable tips from those teachers building the future of education

Are you a STEM teacher actively looking for ways to engage students and make abstract chemistry more visual?

Join our webinar and Q&A to watch Jay Schnoor (CEO and Co-Founder of VEDX Solutions Inc),  Märt Lume (Co-Founder and Product Lead at Futuclass), Katrin Soika (Chemistry teacher at Gustav Adolf Grammar School), and Chri Nitti (Digital Age Coordinator at Hoquiam School District) share their experience teaching with virtual reality.

The Q&A will then be an opportunity to discuss:

  • What makes VR classes unique compared to physical classroom learning?

  • How can a school take the first steps into virtual reality?

  • What are the real-life benefits for students?

  • What might be the difficulties and risks associated with VR in education?

  • What does it mean to build a district-wide “Holodeck” and a curriculum for high school students?

  • What is the VEDX Classroom, and how does it allow teachers to customize the student’s experience and distribute content?

Partner of the Month


Offers gamified, curriculum-aligned, virtual reality lessons for chemistry 

  • Co-created with teachers

    Futuclass VR study modules have been designed with teachers and extensively tested with students to ensure their educational value.

  • Free easy-to-follow lesson plans

    Each module comes with a lesson plan for both individual and shared headsets, assembled by experts and battle-tested by teachers.

  • Easy setup like any VR App

    Futuclass works exactly like any VR app on a commercial platform. Video tutorials and best practices are available online in the Resource Center.

  • Best way to learn Chemistry

    Students report super high engagement rates (especially the rowdy ones) while achieving much better test results.

  • Class feature allows focusing on teaching

    Track the progress of all students in VR headsets simultaneously in Teacher Portal, leaving more time for teaching.

VR Goggle on Classroom Table

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