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January has brought exciting progress and events, including the Synapse Summit Tampa and Future of Education Technology Conference events where we showcased educational VR platform development. Additionally, we launched the Beta marketplace in Web 2 for the Global XR Academy, where students can choose classes to take and we saw the growth of global students signing up to take live English training with our partner Simmula. Finally, the Infiniverse education district continues to be built – truly creating the Metaverse experience across platforms.

Global XR Academy

Teach, Learn, and Explore in VR 

What will your VR learning journey be?  Global XR Academy just announced the launch of its website and marketplace. GXRA is a VR education marketplace where institutions, educators, and learners can teach, learn, and explore in VR. Design courses in VR and let GXRA promote your learning content. Teach a VR course with learners from across the globe. Explore a collection of VR courses for social, professional, or academic needs. Come together to discover new ways of learning. Check out the GXRA press release.  

Featured GXRA Course

Public Speaking in a Multicultural World

More than a class. It is an exploration of you, where you fit into the world, and how the way you communicate both actively and passively impacts others. 


Partner of the Month

Virtual Reality Courses

Offer your students an English learning experience like never before with this exciting VR program. This program can be adapted to meet your institution’s needs. 

XR Education News

Featured Blog: Education Continuity in Crisis

By: Lance Powell

Planning for the future effectively requires serious reflection on what gives our lives value while also overcoming continuation bias, which is an inner voice trying to convince us that access to those things could never be interrupted…read more

A Whole New Reality in Learning


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