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Imagine the future. Imagine looking at it now, through an Alice looking-glass, on full view – VEDX is the looking glass. In this newsletter we highlight a 2D bridge to the 3D lab – “Meet on Bubble” space; we highlight the 3D lab with our VEDX VR Class Pack. However, let’s first imagine a city where we can access it all – the Infiniverse.

The Infiniverse

Teach, Learn, and Explore in VR

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The Infiniverse is the FIRST of its kind on a standalone headset. Schools can now be fully visible to the foot traffic of 80,000 residents +. The Infiniverse is a city. It is a social economy, and learning is a crucial component in its growth. Please reach out to us because the space is going quickly, and we want your school to be here.  

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VedX Class Pack

Turn-Key Solutions

VR can be intimidating for a teacher to decide how to “step” into it. Our VR Class Packs are turn-key solutions that offer scale and customization as needed. The standing UVC case can be rolled to classes, locked, checked out, and included in weekly lessons. Moreover – the teachers can build “no-code” content for their school!! And don’t worry about privacy, our Class Pack comes with an administrative kiosk.  Contact us to get one.

Partner of the Month

Meet in bubble

Not every class is ready for full VR. It is why we are working with another company to “build the bridge.” This classroom meeting space is used to pin deep links right into a lab in 3d. It is also used for classroom management, proctored work, social clubs at the school, special ed., and so much more. 

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Featured Blog

How Virtual Reality Prepares Students for the Future

By: Proximus Wolf

VR technology encourages learning by doing which has a 75% retention rate compared to traditional lectures with only 55%..snag this article

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Global XR Academy:  GXRA is a VR education marketplace 

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