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Metaverse, VR education, implementation, and building community this is what led to such a fantastic experience we had this last month in the Infiniverse with our Grand Opening of the Education District. 

Seven stores, seven days, ten schools, and multitudes of people came to see and experience what has been built in the Infiniverse. 

If you did not get a chance to visit, it is not too late you can always visit the Infiniverse and the Education District with your Quest 2 headset through this link  or you can watch each day’s presentation here and see for yourself.  Schools interested in recruiting students to the class of 2026 are reserving their space and gaining student leads. Imagine a lively city where you can talk with university reps, see a campus tour, and ask questions.

We want to thank everyone who made the Education District launch a success. We look forward to welcoming educators to our district in the city and being a part of the Infiniverse community. If you want to sign your school up or know more, contact us.

Education District

Launch Video

Partner of the Month

This month we want to highlight our partner Faciliate.   A platform that schools can sign up with to author classes with a drag and drop function and then send those classes out to their students. The assets can be 360 videos, 3d objects, and recorded experiences. A great creation suite that empowers learning designers and educators to easily create high-impact learning experiences for VR headsets and PC.


  • Offers a broad range of VR training solutions. 
  • No code simple tools
  • Virtual learning spaces

The Virtual Reality Educator Micro Certification and Professional Development Program

This program prepares educators to teach in a synchronous, virtual reality classroom environment. Two levels of VR micro certification: Preliminary and Advanced. Each micro certification level includes a variety of video tutorials, articles, and in-headset practice points.

How Virtual Reality is Changing Learning Outcomes in K-6 Education

By: Proximus Wolf

It’s no secret that virtual reality is changing the way we consume media. But what effect does it have on learning outcomes in younger students? According to a recent study, virtual reality may be an effective teaching tool for children…view this article.

A Whole New Reality in Learning


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