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VR education ideas are finding their way into every educator’s life. This month we  highlight an innovative summer camp put on by the Trio Alpena Community College program.

VEDX provided a private space to Trio and their students, using Remio, so that the students could learn the values of teamwork, communication, and leadership.  The students came into their space, attended a short VR orientation, and began a series of games that included Team Paintball / Capture the Flag, Team Puzzle Race, and Team Escape. During the activities, student-leaders organically emerged and they were able to apply newly learned principles of workplace communication through gamification. After the experience, the students repeatedly asked, “how do we get this to our school?” And our answer was to “talk to their principals and teachers, VEDX is here to help.”

This summer camp is just one piece of Trio Alpena’s larger vision for these headsets. The next piece of this rollout is to start using the headsets as they visit high schools, talking about their program, and allowing students to experience 360 videos of job shadows. The outcome is to show some of the programs that are available at the community college and focused on trade industries. As that library grows, Alpena Trio will be adding experiences throughout the year from within their college and in the industry partner companies. The last phase this summer will be for VEDX to train them in filming and storage of 360 videos.

Applying VR to your CTE Program:

Often high school CTE teachers are asking, “how do we integrate these headsets in our weekly career classes?” At the high school level, we encourage the school to bring in a set of 25 in a mobile UVISAN case that is lockable – we do full setup of these. The case can be wheeled into the library, gym, homeroom or whichever suits best. The Career Pack that is loaded on the headset contains soft skills for interviewing, 360 job shadows, and/or software to create new content without code for specific industries. We hope to soon partner with a library of simulations that the student can also work through in different industries.

Lastly, we just want to say thank you to our partner of the month, Remio. The team at Remio has been amazing to work with. They provide constant support and encouragement for their customers and participants in the rooms. The portals to other apps and the games should serve as a private home base for any organization. Participants can work together in VR on whiteboards, access websites, watch videos, play presentations, and have an overall comfortable place to hang out at any time with their colleagues and fellow students. Teachers can have their own space separate from students if they like for no extra fees and doorways can go off to their favorite apps. Thank you Remio for being our Partner of the Month!

Partner of the Month

African american girl employee in office isolated on pink background Achievement business career Education in school university college concept Watching in headset touch something push on button
  • Fun objects: basketball, frisbees, target shooting, bows-and-arrows, chess, mini-golf & many more arcade-style games
  • Beautifully captivating environments
  • Customized campuses
  • Whiteboarding & sticky notes
  • Presentation room (presentation-mode; video streaming)
  • In-room web browser
  • Private rooms/ 1:1 rooms with fun items
  • Screensharing

Check out our interview with Jos van der Westhuizen – CEO of Remio

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