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This month we are highlighting the deployment of  Hoquiam School District “Holodeck” with the VEDX Classroom Pack. Chris Nitti – The Digital Age Coordinator at Hoquiam School District has led a “cutting edge” initiative to use VR education to revolutionize the learning experiences of their students. Imagine graduating high school and being qualified for an entry level job as a 3d artist or VR programmer. Further imagine having some entrepreneurial experience with putting those experiences to market. This is Chris’s vision, and so much more. Class Examples below.

World Forge Class: Chris is designing a class, complete with applications, inviting select students to this pilot opportunity where they will learn the fundamentals of building worlds in VR. The projects will include the School’s student-built environments and 3D assets, along with the ability to post a short course in VR on GlobalXRAcademy.org

3D Design Fundamentals: In this high school class, students will be building 3D objects and learning the fundamentals of Sketchfab and Blender along with their art courses. These objects will then be uploaded into their VictoryXR content creator for teachers to deploy in live and recorded lectures with support from VEDX.

“We are teaching 24th Century Skills Today” – Chris Nitti, Hoquiam School District

The list goes on, including the deployment of VR Language Learning through ImmerseMe, and the private campus activities through Remio – both apps come loaded in the VEDX Ecosystem. Chris’s ultimate goal is to have a curriculum designed in which 9th-grade students begin their journey. By graduation, these students should be ready for an entry-level internship or job with a VR / AR company.

VEDX is proud to be working side-by-side with Chris Nitti and the Hoquiam School District to open up new lives and opportunities for these students. Here is what Chris had to say further: 

Message from Chris Nitti, Digital Age Coordinator

Hoquiam School District 

The Hoquiam School District is excited to be a world leader in XR education, thanks to our partnership with VEDX Solutions. Our mission is not only to revolutionize the learning experiences of our students by extending their idea of what reality can be but also to build a new generation of XR content creators who build virtual worlds for their fellow classmates to explore and experience firsthand. We have named our solution the Hoquiam Holodeck because we will literally use this technology to bring students to new worlds: Our slogan for the Holodeck is “Teaching 24th Century Skills Today”. Beyond simply exploring the amazing content and curriculum that arrived with our VEDX Class Pack, Hoquiam is creating something new for the 2022-23 school year: The Hoquiam WorldForge. This is a hand-picked group of 20 students who will form the first XR Game Development Studio in a high school in the world. Together, these twenty “Agents” will collaborate to build the future of education and prepare for bright futures in the XR industry.

Check out our VR cast interview with Chris

Partner of the Month

Immersive Language Learning

ImmerseMe aims to be the world’s best language tool by preparing learners with the practical language skills they need to thrive as global citizens. 

“This is a tool that you use to practice and improve your fluency in a real-life scenario without feeling self-conscious in front of a native speaker. It enables us to get rid of classroom walls and connect with the outside world.”

Head of Languages – Methodist Ladies’ College (Melbourne)

    • Choose from over 3,000 interactive scenarios across nine languages: German, Spanish, French, English, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Greek and Indonesian.
    • Content is differentiated into three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
    • The layout of lessons can be tailored to match your scope and sequence/curriculum plan.

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