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Educators – it is here. The VEDX Classroom – a safe environment of 26+ exciting educational apps with over 150 pieces of content for students to explore. The VEDX Classroom is a curated educational space. We have two versions – the high school classroom and the university campus. Imagine receiving your new VR headsets at your school this Fall. The tech department opens the box, and the headsets are already configured to your Wi-Fi, branded for your school, fit inside your UVC Sanitation case, and are safe for students to start exploring immediately.  Additionally, students with their own headsets can even access some of the private spaces of the school. The curated apps have 150+ content experiences, a private campus for recreation and team-building activities, a content builder for the school, professional high school/university content, job shadows, language learning, and even college exploration.

Additionally, when you partner with VEDX as a school, we connect you to our network of educators who are helping develop curriculum, build our marketplace at GlobalXRAcademy.org, mentoring each other around challenges in VR and working with us to build the VEDX Educational Foundation for Change. Our goal is to see a VR media center in EVERY high school and College Library in the world.

Institutions are signing up quickly for this new turn-key VR setup. Dufur High, Hoquiam Homelink, and Linfield University all received their VEDX Classroom last week to run new programs this year at their schools. VEDX works with your school to understand your goals and build a strategic plan for your classroom space.

Media centers and Classrooms start with Small (5) – medium (15), or large (60) deployments. They are customized for your grant opportunities with extended licenses and bulk opportunities. An extended license agreement also comes with the replacement of your headsets after two years and ensures your old equipment makes it into the hands of schools that cannot afford a VR media center. This is where our VEDX Educational Foundation for Change will take over.

Lastly, remember to join us in VR every two weeks for our VR-Casts in the Infiniverse. As always, we want to thank the educators in this world for all they do – we are here to help!

Partner of the Month

Manage XR has been fantastic to work with during the development of our VEDX classroom. They have assisted in building the tools to ensure students have a safe place to access valuable content and allow teachers to push their content through our classroom headsets – including 360 videos and weblinks. This is why we picked them as our VEDX Partner of the Month.

  • Customize the user experience and home environment
  • Track all of your devices in one place
  • Remotely deploy all of your XR content to keep your devices
  • Distribute content

New Meta Accounts Have Arrived

You’re no longer required to log into your Meta VR devices using a Facebook account. You’ll need to set up a Meta account using your email address or Facebook account to continue using your VR device.

Meta accounts give you more choices regarding how you log into VR and whether Facebook and Instagram are part of your VR experience.

To learn more, watch the Meta tutorial video. To get started, visit the Meta website or open the Oculus mobile app. To ensure a smooth migration experience, update your device and Oculus mobile app with the latest software. You may be required to factory reset your headset if you set up a Meta account without first updating your headset. Learn more about updating your Quest headset here.

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