VEDX Career Prep Packs

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They tell us, “you can be anything you want to be,” but how do we know what to do? Job shadows in VR allow learners to explore various careers in the world. Our shadows can be state specific in the US, or country specific globally. They allow the learner to experience the job in VR and then to learn which companies offer the job, the average salary and benefits. This library is growing every day.

You can have your own set of shadows with an app or the whole library. Companies can ask us to build and co-own custom job shadows for recruitment to high demand positions. This pack can be combined with a class pack.

What an example VEDX Career Pack includes:

  • 25 Quest 2 goggles
  • Individual cases with UVC sanitation or a standing, lockable Case with a self contained Wi-fi unit.
  • A company or school branded space for meetings and events in VR
  • Team building activities
  • Build interactive lecture halls
  • 360 job shadow video library with industry information
  • Interview and DEI awareness library with practice scenarios

Together, lets build the Workforce of tomorrow with VR!

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