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Schools are often nervous about the entry point and cost of VR. We have designed this package to take away that anxiety.
VR experiences open up new understanding in hard concepts, drives up engagement in learning, and has higher long-term memory retention of the content for students. Every school or university department has a place for VR.

These packs can be implemented for physical spaces or they can be purchased for online distance learning. Some schools will decide to have these in the library for checkout – you can add individual cases with bar codes.

These class packs are designed for university or high schools around the world. The deployment is rapid, VEDX supports the school in training and implementation, and offers professional development for teachers learning to put content in VR.

What the VEDX Classroom includes:

  • 25 Quest 2 goggles
  • Individual cases with UVC sanitation or a standing, lockable Case with a self contained Wi-Fi unit.
  • A content builder for teachers to build recorded classes and labs
  • A school branded space for meetings and events in VR
  • Class activity space for group work
  • Learning acceleration Content appropriate for the level of school – 7-12 or College level
  • Base Support and Training – Silver Pack
The above example package is for implementation and equipment with a license fee for subsequent years – Click here for our pricing sheet. If you have existing hardware, or if you want to combine with another of our packages, or want additional “XR a la carte” pieces, select the items below and we will contact you for a more customized price.

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