What is Metaversity Construction

VEDX with its partner VictoryXR builds digital twin metaversities for some of the world’s leading colleges and universities. This includes the grounds, building exteriors and interiors. Even more, the buildings are launched fully ready for large groups of students ready to learn with their professor and other students.

Construction in the metaverse is similar to construction in the real world: it takes designers and builders. In the world of metaversities our designers are called modelers and our builders are coders.

VEDX with its partner VictoryXR uses a hyper-realistic model placing trees, walkways, tables and other features in the location of the actual real-world location. Some clients want something other than a digital twin, in other words, they want to dream up a building or facility of the future and have us build it.

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Benefits of Metaversity Construction

  • For Zoom remote learners, a metaversity classroom is a much better experience. Accessible through a headset or PC, students can work on projects ‘hands-on’, something that is generally impossible for Zoom and other 2D Webinar tools. Chemistry experiments, global field trips and simulations are conducted with a group of students and a professor or through asynchronous assignments.
  • Remote meeting places for groups of students or employees
    Simulation labs for training, practice and learning
  • A comfortable, familiar location that can be used for campus tours
  • A classroom that brings context to learning, like a starship for astronomy or dinosaur island for paleontology

Metaversity Offerings

Full Metaversity Campus

The digital twin campus includes 5-7 exterior buildings, 2 interiors (which include the hallway or foyer outside the room) and the grounds which would typically be the commons, quad or other site on campus that is recognizable and iconic to the university. For online schools that do not have a physical campus, you have the ability to design it as you would like to see it. This is a good starting point for a digital twin campus. For subscribers, access to the other 60+ campus rooms on our template campus relieve the need to build out every room. Some universities start with the basic campus and build additional sites later.


Campus Exterior Grounds

Generally considered a commons, university quad or something similar. While there is no defined area, it will generally include statues, fountains, walkways, trees, and other landscape features. We strive to be exact in our detail, matching bricks and trees to the best of our abilities – and within the limits of the technology.


Additional Labs

Labs currently include only the cadaver lab. The scene outside the windows is customized with a 360 image from the campus and the inside is branded with the collegiate logos and mascots if desired.


Building Exteriors

Each building exterior is created a a digital twin with tremendous attention paid to panes of class, style, stone work and other distinguishing features. While we are not always able to get an exact match, we strive to get as close as possible. Sometimes the limits of headset technology will prevent extreme detail, but in most cases we can provide a very detailed digital twin of the space.


Building Room Interiors

For interior rooms, we strive to build out the room as it looks currently which includes windows, chairs, tables, and other equipment that may be in the room. In some cases, we will be able to get the equipment working for certain features. For example, in the case of the chemistry lab for Morehouse College, all the burners are able to be turned on by a user in the lab.


Branding Only – No New Construction

VEDX with its partner VictoryXR offers over 60 existing classrooms. These range from a standard science lab with four walls, to a starship used for astronomy and other subjects. For universities who may want the full digital twin as a second step, the basic campus can be branded for use. The school will choose 10 rooms along with the campus quad and VEDX with its partner VictoryXR will brand those with the school logo and mascot. All 60+ rooms can be added to the campus, specifically, 10 are branded for use with guests, students, potential students, alumni and corporate sponsors.


Mega Structures

Stadiums, arenas and other large structures will include the grounds, the exterior, much of the interior and up to four rooms within the structure.


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