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Why virtual reality in English
Language Learning?

Committed to making learning more engaging and accessible for students around the globe, VEDX Solutions Inc. partnered with the Panamanian government institution IFARHU (Institute for the Training and Use of Human Resources) to create a cost-effective and high-quality alternative to a study abroad English course – an innovative solution combining synchronous and asynchronous online language studies with lessons in virtual reality (VR).

IFARHU awarded 24 scholarships to students and teachers from the University of Panama to undertake the first innovative VR English Language Program in Panama. The officials wanted to go beyond ‘traditional’ 2-dimensional online classes and leverage the newest technologies to give these students an opportunity to improve their English language skills without a need of going overseas.

How Did We Make It Happen?

VEDX Solutions Inc. developed this 6-month long pilot program in association with EC English and the virtual language learning and social space applications such as ImmerseMe, Mondly, Immerse and Multiverse.

The program includes 45 minutes of synchronous online language instruction through EC’s already-established program combined with 45 minutes of lessons in virtual reality through the Immerse platform. Students also have subscriptions to both Mondly and ImmerseMe, which provide additional asynchronous grammar and conversational support both online and in virtual reality. These apps allow teachers to tailor lessons to the curriculum being used, so the immersive technology becomes a natural complement to the textbook.

Key objectives of this innovative English language program are to increase engagement, reduce the cost compared to an in-person program abroad, and improve academic outcomes. Ongoing assessments are provided as well as regular tutorials, so students maximize their use of virtual reality for educational purposes. Teachers have the ability to tailor educational games and lessons in each app that aligns directly with the curriculum being used. Each app also provides full reporting on results and duration students are logged in. Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality goggles were shipped to Panama and given to the students, with a full in-person and virtual setup, tutorials, and orientation.

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What are the benefits for students?

Supplementing online programming with lessons and activities in virtual reality makes learning fun again and engages students in a way that interests them, while reducing outer distractions.

Without the interruptions of the outside world, these students will be able to live the learning experience through VR in a way where the textbook was able to come alive. To ensure that students are not missing on peer-to-peer interactions, social spaces were designed in virtual reality through VEDX’s partnership with Multiverse where students will be able to hang out and meet other students from the same language program. The students have their own avatars and can informally interact live while getting to know their classmates.

Thanks to this program the learners will also have an opportunity to use the state-of-the-art technology. The participating students will gain an advantage of being more confident in using and comfortable in applying innovative technologies in their future workplace. Learning in VR has also been proven to improve students’ collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity, which are all essential skills for the occupations of the future.

Find out more about the benefits of immersive learning in our Research section.

What Do Students Say?

The take-up and initial response have been extremely positive!

The teacher’s explanations are exact and clear, and when you have a question, the teacher tries to explain it to you in various possible ways, so that it is understood, it’s all a matter of practice and daily support and using the practice apps as much as possible, since it refreshes a lot of what has been given in class and helps you correct many errors as well.
In this month of class, I have found it excellent, I feel my English improving as days go by.

The virtual reality classes, are excellent, they are a very pleasant and interesting experience, which makes the class more dynamic.


Katherine B.

This program is something really new since it combines theoretical teaching with practice through virtual reality.
The teaching method used facilitates the understanding of the English language, since it allows us to move to various virtual scenarios through the Oculus headset where we apply the theoretical lessons received.
I would say that it is like taking a trip to different places where we have contact with many things and we use the English language, which makes it easier for us to understand the English language by interacting with other people or participants, increasing interest, which makes the course highly interesting awakening expectations to learn more.
It really is a novel learning method which I recommend to everyone, it’s super.

Dalys H.

I am proud to be part of the Vedx Solutions family for its great teaching program, which we are the first privileged in Panama, through the courses and different virtual platforms VR, Mondly, Immerse, ImmerseMe which facilitate a better learning and of course without leaving EC behind, who are the ones who give the live classes. All platforms are excellent which is great support apart from our classes. To conclude, thanks to IFARHU for their support, trust and great opportunity that they are giving us as future professionals in Panama.

Lineth A.

Hi, my name is Joseline and I come to tell you about my experience in VEDX Solutions. Virtual reality has offered me a pleasant environment from my home, learning the English language with excellent EC VR teachers. Also, VEDX from the beginning has helped me set up my goggles to take my classes. Thanks to this I have improved my pronunciation and grammar in English language.

Joseline C.

Our new experience has been one of the best, we are learning, we use various applications such as: Mondly, ImmerseMe, among others, every day we learn: Past Simple, Past continuous, directions and parts of the house, we are learning to write in English. Many thanks to VEDX Solutions and EC, for giving us the opportunity to be receiving a better education.

Alexandra O.

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