The New Virtual Class in 2D


Meet on Bubble is where you can create virtual spaces to conduct any kind of interaction such as classes, professional meetings, workshops, collaborating on projects, and even fun social events. Virtual spaces on Meet on Bubble are built to resemble physical buildings. The look and feel of all rooms are completely customizable by the user. The entire platform is intuitive — you can move in and out of rooms, join conversations naturally and collaborate with others just as you would in real-life. 

Fully customizable and flexible

The virtual space on Bubble is always present making the process of connecting completely seamless

Multiple screen sharing

White-boarding with Miro

Facilitates student-teacher interactions

Improves collaboration and communication

Collaborate using docs, sheets or slides

A resource folder for each room

Broadcast messages to all rooms

Megaphone and Spotlight 

Spatial audio, video and text chat

Space security with waiting room and password protection