Create powerful immersive learning experiences 

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Facilitate is a creation suite that empowers learning designers and educators to easily create high-impact learning experiences for VR headsets and PC. Facilitate’s no-code simple tools enable creators to author and manage various types of immersive learning experiences with market-leading flexibility and affordability.

Micro-simulation Editor

Facilitate’s Micro-simulations are an affordable way to provide realistic, hands-on equipment training to reduce risks, lower costs and improve skills. Within an education setting, Micro-simulations give learners the opportunity to explore all kinds of 3D objects within a safe and fun context. Create your own Micro-simulation in a matter of minutes with Facilitate’s easy-to-use editor.

Experience Creator

Rapidly combine different VR content, such as 360 media, Micro-simulations, interactive experiences, assessments and role-play scenarios, into a comprehensive lesson plan.

Virtual Learning Spaces

Enter learning sessions synchronously or asynchronously in one of our virtual learning environments. Download your sessions for offline use, ideal for remote learning.

Interactive 360 Editor

Easily add interactive elements and take your 360 videos and images to the next level. Create site induction training, customer walkthroughs, hazard identification tasks, and demonstrate procedural best practices.

Administrative Functionality

Facilitate’s content creation, management and distribution features allow creators to seamlessly share content with end users, both internal learners and external clients.