Sama Learning

Sama learning’s Chemistry VR series makes the intangible, tangible

Through a series of lessons covering balancing chemical equations, the periodic table, bonding theories, and quantum mechanics the Sama Chemistry courses provide the learner with the tools they need to master the material. Each lesson combines straight forward explanations of concepts with active learning activities and assessment and feedback cycles to make sure that every learner can access the learning pathway that works for them.

In addition to the lessons, students and instructors get access to VR sandboxes which let them build their own molecules, explore the periodic table, and chemical reactions. Our lessons are demonstrated to improve student learning outcomes and attitudes towards chemistry. With average improvements of learning outcomes of a full letter grade, and arguably more importantly students leave these VR lessons feeling like they can master chemistry.

Better Grades – One full letter grade improvement

Increased Performance – 277% increase for lowest performing students

Future Proof – 92% of students said yes to VR outside of class