UV Sanitisation Solution

Originally designed for VR equipment, Uvisans UV-C Cabinets can safely disinfect your headsets, controllers, tablets, laptops and other devices in under 5 minutes. Our fast charge technology feature means simultaneous devices can be charged whilst in a cleaning cycle. The portable, secure and robust design makes this the perfect sanitation solution for any office or classroom setting.

Reduce Costs and Breakage

Stop wasting money on ineffective wipes that can damage your equipment.

Magnetic Charging

Three charging zones. Magnetic end fast charging cables. Never find your devices without charge again.

Environmentally Friendly

Avoid clogging sewers and drains with unnecessary wipes.

Meet Government Guidelines

Pass government guidelines and become Covid Secure.

Stop Theft and Device Loss

Securely store all of your devices in one lockable cabinet.


RoHS, CE and CCC certification. Earth leakage and short circuit protection.