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Setting up immersive XR labs with VR headsets is only the first step to using them effectively in schools. Even educators need training for their XR and Metaverse programs to take off. VEDX is here for that next step through personal training and consultation.

1/3/5 Day Programs

  • One Day: We focus on equipment and safety, meet each other in the Metaverse, and find a perfect launch point for a wider program.
  • Three Days: See how XR technologies impact all areas of teaching, from lectures to assignment submission.
  • Five Days: See XR’s utility in multiple departments. Learn the creative potential for the Metaverse. Gain confidence in your academic XR program.
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What We Cover

VR Headsets

Safety and Maintenance

Course Instruction Best Practices

Assignment Submission

Content Creation Tools

Clubs and Team Building through Social Platforms

Research and Prototyping Tools

Game Development

And more…

Starting cost at USD $1,200 for the first day and USD $800 for each additional day. (*In-person instruction can be booked, and the price will vary.)