Free Consult

Free Consult


We partner with globally proven VR/AR educational companies to aid in the delivery of your curriculum in order to enhance the learning experience.

Emotionally engaging, immersive and social – the pieces missing from traditional online education.
Xplore – This is a new frontier. This is the future. If you are an educator at high school or university level, we want to consult with you.
What teacher doesn’t want to bring their curriculum to life? Bring back the imagination!

Transform Curriculum

We offer a variety of virtual solutions to educators that can be packaged together to educate their students with a higher engagement and emotional connection to the curriculum

Drive the New Frontier

We are actively pushing virtual reality solutions to the world as we believe that this new technology will transform the lives of students and how they learn.

Offer Universal Access

One of our outcomes is to ensure that we are removing the barriers to international students who want to access an education, but are restrained by physical or socioeconomic barriers. Imagine a flatter and more integrated world focused around a lifetime of education instead of just a “degree”.


Develop Community

One outcome we have learned from 2020 is that students are challenged by traditional online education – distraction, learning abilities, poor environments and lack of emotional connection to their piers has proven to be a disaster for many schools – we are working with the emerging VR companies of the world to change that.

Our Mission

Drive the transformation of virtual education to engage students in their learning. We want to bring curriculum to life – emotionally, socially and creatively delivering immersive spaces as never seen before.

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