“90% of educators agree that VR technology is quite an effective way of providing differentiated and personalized learning experiences for students.”

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“Test scores among students using immersive technologies improved by as much as 22%.”

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“Teachers get up to 30% more time back with the right technology.”

Source: Preparing the Class of 2030 – Microsoft
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A Whole New Reality


Pioneering new dimensions in learning

We are a Virtual Reality Design and Consultation firm focused on Education.

Virtual Reality can offer a more engaging and fun environment for students and consequently boost their motivation and knowledge retention. Integrating this technology into virtual learning can be a key for sparking curiosity and creativity among students.

We work with high schools, universities, governments and enterprises to bring them Virtual Reality education solutions in customized packages.

We partner with globally proven VR/AR software companies to design the customized solution.

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Your journey with VEDX

  • Schedule a chat to assess the needs of your organization or school.
  • We present options that will fit your situation and budget.
  • Let’s work together to enhance the learning experience, engagement and outcomes of learners.
  • Language Learning programs – 41 languages
  • STEM Labs
  • Interactive Lecture Halls
  • Chat Rooms for students
  • Recreation and Tours of the world
  • Recruiting Platforms
  • E-sports
  • The complete package

Let’s work together to bring Generation Alpha what they expect – a hybrid learning experience that is more powerful and engaging.

Transform Curriculum

Our solutions allow teachers to deliver their curriculum in a more engaging and emotionally connected way. The goggles and software are designed to immerse students fully in their subject matter and to give teachers a tool to track engagement.    

Education that meets the expectations of the future

VEDX is committed to transforming the educational landscape, to allow more access to engaging content, that will better prepare citizens of the future.

Benefits and Outcomes 

  • Increase engagement and motivation

  • Improve critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication and emotional intelligence

  • Exhibit higher retention of information stored in long-term memory

  • Demonstrate readiness for a high-tech job market

  • Bring the curriculum to life by offering authentic and safe hands-on experiences

  • Improve students’ comprehension through direct interaction with learning objects

  • Deliver more collaborative, engaging, compelling and effective coursework

  • Improve and differentiate the learning environment for students

  • Boost online education with social elements, engagement and feeling of presence

  • Bring students and teachers together regardless of their location

  • Deliver programs fit for the 21st Century education by preparing students for the real-world

Our Mission

Lead the transformation of virtual education to empower teachers and inspire learners.