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“At INTO university partnerships, we work with over 35 universities in the UK, US and Australia. We wanted to connect the universities with potential students and VEDX has successfully helped us implement a VR Strategy in our University Access centers in Bogota, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City.” 


Partners and Collaboration

VEDX is striving to be a HUB of Educational Spatial Computing.
  • We have 22 VR Ed partnerships, 15 school educators, 3 production companies, 2 VR Studios and 1 dream.
  • Educators need to have a barrier free experience and receive training with spatial technology
  • Content providers want to have their apps in front of educators.
  • Institutions need a single partner to help deploy the system and support it
  • Program often need custom spaces and videos produced.
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Immersive Learning Research

  • Students love it
  • Teachers love it
  • Students break down barriers
  • Context is more clearly understood
  • Increase in retention of long term memory
  • More engagement equals faster learning
  • Development of more rapid memory
  • Gamification increases participation in content
  • Excites the amygdala
  • Engages the critical thinking skills
  • Higher test scores in VR prep
  • More interest in subject matter
  • Wider breadth of understanding
  • Experience engages more of the brain
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We have a variety of training options for those who need to have a PD for their school, educators or institutions.


We believe in providing the best service available in the industry across the USA. We strive to help remove barriers and educators.


Most institutions start small and grow. We are here to help with that growth - ideation, direction, and facilitation.


Articles & VRCasts
VEDX writes articles and puts on the next generation of Podcasts - VRCasts for education and the future spatial computers.
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The VEDXRs all are on the lookout for the latest research to help educators make the right decisions with their budgets. We store the best references on our site.
Research Articles
Our network grows every day and we are adding educators and facilitators. We record and catalogue the questions in our FAQ section.
Research Articles
Case Studies
Many institutions and boards are considering the use of virtual reality to educate and train their learners. In this section we have compiled those use cases.
Research Articles

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