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“Here at Twain Education, we are a Brazil-based company and wanted to partner with VEDX to diversify how we helped schools, it has been an amazing relationship for 3 years now and look forward to many more.” 

 Joao Pedro Danhoni - Twain


To integrate Immersive Learning in every library, school, institution and distance learning program in the world; to help organizations integrate immersive learning content for training, curriculum, recruitment, engagement, and remote environments; to build the "VEDX Network," an umbrella of educators, institutions, and industry leaders in the immersive learning field; and to inspire a new generation of immersive creators with our research and development projects.


Jay loves leading teams and has over a decade of experience in the international education and development industry. He has worked with students in 52+ countries for 24 different university programs in the UK and US.
Diana Bernal

Diana leads customer success, partner discussions and has over 7 years of experience in international education recruiting students in Latin America for language programs and higher education. She is dedicated to excellence.
Lance was a lecturer of Virtual Worlds at Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul, Turkey, leads our developers in their projects and also works on the Remio team. Lance is dedicated to building community in VR and ensuring phenomenal learner social experiences.
Dora enjoys the little things, the details. She brings ten years of experience in business development, sales and marketing, student recruitment and admissions roles in the international education setting.
Dr. Proximus Wolf

Proximus is our AI Career Support and VR Expert. His parameters have been set and trained with VEDX. He has traveled in space and time to help educators come into the world of VR and explore the content that exists.
Shyanne Russell

Shyanne is a 3D artist and a graduate from University of Oregon. She has a focus on environment art and level design. Her goal is to bring out the best in the gaming industry and develop games that are both innovative and impactful, leaving a positive experience with the players.
Marci Von Aldenbruck

Marci is a "Maven" - she loves to connect with people and talk about what they need. She has spent her life in networking, entrepreneurship and business circles - connecting people. She helps bring in the educators and excites them about this technology.
Amany AlKhayat

Amany is a consultant to VR companies that leverage conversational AI in their educational initiatives. She’s also an adjunct professor at NYIT and a doctoral student in the Instructional Technology and Media Program at Teachers College, Columbia University.
Melanie Milanes

Melanie has spent her life dedicated to education and entrepreneurship. She graduated from Cesar Ritz Colleges in Switzerland and also founded The U For You Education and Counseling Firm based in Panama with offices across Latin America.
Vincent Rosan

Vincent is a seasoned technology consultant. He has spent the last 10 years with a focus in SaaS business development. His focus has been around finding solutions to problems at the C level where technology can greatly improve overall success.
Mustafa Akarusu

Mustafa is a game and VR development graduate from Istanbul, Turkey who has a background in mobile games that expanded into the creation of VR applications as the technology became available to consumers locally.
An innovative thinker, educator, leader, and problem solver! Active as a regional & state committee member. She is dedicated to training educators in VR! Doctoral Dissertation: Social Media Usage by California Community Colleges.
Luz Saviñón

Luz loves the camera, she brings to VEDX her film, documentary, and tv production experience into the Virtual Reality realm. Planning VR experiences that tell genuine stories through spaces, experiences, and people.
Joao Pedro Danhoni

JP is a DaVinci in Curitiba Brasil! He opened Twain Schools and TwainXR, now running propriatary AR for schools because of Brasil's low access to headsets. When VEDX and JP teamed up, worlds opened up and we began an amazing journey together.
Michael helps with building the long-term strategy of the school. Who will use the technology? Why is it being used? What will the outcomes tell you and why is that important. Michael has worked with companies his whole life in this line of work.
Robert is based in Germany and is the founder of XR42. Robert works with VEDX to build VR strategic plans for corporate education. He has built show rooms, conferences, conventions and many other spaces for corporate enterprise use.
Dan's dedication to gamification and education has brought him to this point in his life. His forward thinking has launched the development of educational VR on the Unreal Engine. When you ask for the next generation of educational apps, we look to Dan.
Jessica Taverniti

Jessica works with schools when there are special needs requests for Autism and families in the districts we work with. She advises through her company Nurolux and can discuss resources available, along with our partner Floreo.

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