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About VEDX

Welcome to VEDX, where you will discover the opportunites and benefits that VR can offer to enhance your teaching and learning experience.

From different backgrounds we have come together to lead the transformation of education.  As a company, we are dedicated to improving the virtual learning experiences of global students through new immersive technologies.

The evolution of learning has arrived.


Lead the transformation of virtual education to empower teachers and inspire learners.


A world where immersive learning has made education more engaging and relevant to the post-millennial job market – the creation of life-ready graduates.

Company Values

We aim for the moon, but never compromise our values along the way.

AccessWe hold educational access as a core value to our founding, mission and vision. It is the glue that brought us together around these ideas about virtual reality and the potential to offer new forms of delivery to Generation Alpha.

Relationships – Building strong, long-term, and transparent relationships is at the core of everything we do. We seek synchronicity and interdependency not to just lift ourselves but everyone and everything around us.

Courage – We have the courage to aim high and dream big, to think differently and stand out, and to believe in the power of education for changing the world. We are not afraid of trying, making mistakes, and failing, because we reflect and learn from our experience. We do not shy away from showing vulnerability to each other. This is the way we build trust.

Philanthropy – We can only thrive if others around us can do so as well. We live our purpose, and that is why we aim to support girl’s access to education in every market we operate. Purposefully and long-term.

Transparency – We are honest, direct, and straightforward among our team members, our partners, and our clients. We are committed to creating and maintaining trust in business, and transparency is the first step to achieve that. We recognize our own shortcomings, and welcome open and candid feedback across all levels of our business, both from our partners and our employees.

Creative-Curiosity – We ask questions and challenge each other. We are not defined by our limits but possibilities around us. We are always on the lookout for new and better solutions to existing problems and challenges. We do not take things for granted and know that curiosity is a trait of a genius.

Resilience – We operate with intentional optimism and do not stop at a first roadblock. We support and believe in one another, and that gives us strength. We leverage crisis moments to define our purpose.

Collaboration – We believe that we will succeed by collaborating rather than competing. We strive to bring technology closer to educators and along the way enable collaboration and ‘collisions’ that otherwise would never happen.

Empathy – When someone has a bad day, we understand, and ask how we can make it better. We are always ready to step out of our comfort zone and see the world from someone’s else perspective.

Servant-Leadership – The purpose of our organization is bigger than ourselves. We want to empower others to be their best version. We listen to others and to our inner voice. We look at the big picture of how technology can positively impact education and learners’ future. We are here to serve others and will always make giving back to the communities we serve a core principle of what we stand for.

Charities We Support

We believe in the transforming power of education to build a better future. This is why VEDX Solutions gives 2% of net revenues to a charity in each country we work with to support education initiatives.

Children Change Colombia

Defending the rights of children at risk in Colombia

We work with children and their families to challenge poverty, inequality, discrimination and violence.

Education is every child’s right. If children in Colombia are to break free from poverty, education is crucial. Not only does education give children opportunities to build independent and fulfilling lives, but is also a joy that should be experienced by every child.
We believe in equal opportunities in education access, and ensuring that all children have access to quality learning. We also believe that no child should be subjected to child labour.