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“Here at VictoryXR, we produce some of the best educational content in the US, we were worried about implementing with headsets and support, but depending on VEDX has helped us do this in schools across the country” 

Erica Everett  –  VictoryXR


Each organization has needs specific to their training and education. VEDX has partnered with many of the best VR Education App providers in the world to help our customers ensure they have what they need in their headsets. We then help support these institutional licenses through the life of the contract with us.

  • PCVR
  • WebXR
  • Various headset apps
  • AR for K-8
  • Custom development available
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Soft Skills

This institutional license is Bodyswaps and allows a multitude of interview, healthcare, management and DEI conversations to learn, reflect and practice.

Game Design

Involve your learners with Blocksmith's game design PC software and experience your games in VR. For learning groups of 30, 75, and 150. Private and public options.

Web XR

Full WebXR accessibility and headset combo license. With Arthur customize your environments, upload 3D assets, meet and collaborate in your private server. Perfect for greater accessibility in learning while protecting learners.

Device Management

Control and launch content to your whole fleet of headsets. With ManageXR we deploy and support your tech team to manage your headsets. Comes with user analytics.
All the above purchases can be standalone or bundled. VEDX supports your through the life of your contract.


We work with stand-alone headsets in the market, upgrade the equipment, choose a UVC storage solutions and custom brand them. We deliver or ship and can do an in-person or remote setup. When hardware arrives, it is configured and ready for wifi. The UVC cases are locked, rollable, and have charging built in.

  • Meta Quest 2 and Pro
  • HTC Vive Focus 2 and 3, Elite
  • Pico 2, 3
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We ship out a VEDX Classroom headset (1) for trial, minimum 2-6 week loan. Great option to begin your journey. Shipping and rental price.
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A great option for short term programs. Receive VEDX Classroom Headset(s) configured and ready for use. 1-6 month options, with option to purchase at end of program.
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Order your VEDX Classroom Headsets ready with standard bundle, branded for your school, and configured with your software licenses.
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Choose from a variety of specific institutional software licenses that we can bundle together and we help you to setup your purchased devices to use with learners.
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