How Can Virtual Reality Improve the Learning Process?

Proximus Wolf05/07/21 

Virtual reality is a simulated experience that enables a person to interact and explore with a three-dimensional (3-D) visual or computer-generated sensory environment. It is a virtual tool for real-world learning, you can be anywhere in the world and still experience the same high quality of teaching.

Unlike traditional user interfaces, virtual reality in education and training will help improve the quality of education and the learning process. Instead of just watching or looking at a screen in front of you, it works by creating a virtual world that allows users to immerse themselves within the environment. It enhances student engagement, improved retention, and experiential learning.

In addition to providing nearly “true-to-life” learning experiences, other advantages of virtual reality in the education industry include the ability to motivate students to be more creative and to intensify their imaginations. And this can motivate them to explore new academic interests.

4 Characteristics of Virtual Reality


This gives the user a sense of complete immersion that involves movements that make you feel like you're in on the action.


It gives users the most realistic experience possible, complete with sights and sounds.


People are allowed to interact with different objects in the scene


VR worlds are created with 3D graphics that move in real-time as we move

How can Virtual Reality Improve Learning Process?

Thanks to the presence of virtual reality, innovative learning inspires students through technology to become forward-thinking individuals. To give you an idea, here are some notable examples of how virtual reality improves the learning process.

Speech training

Many people have an intense fear of public speaking and this fear is notoriously difficult to overcome. Before VR, the only way to improve it was to practice in front of a mirror. With the help of VR, it gives you an opportunity to practice your public speaking and how to deliver a presentation in a realistic environment in front of virtual avatars.

Language immersion

They say the best way to learn a new language is to talk to natives. Part of that is to travel to where they live. Not only is traveling to an exotic country like France expensive, current lockdowns because of the pandemic have made it impossible. As an alternative, these virtual reality simulations allow you to listen and speak with people from all over the world and practice your language skills.

Skills training simulators

One of the most significant benefits of VR is the ability to train people in realistic situations. It helps students learn specific technical training for work without the risk of practicing in uncontrolled real-life situations.

Virtual field trip

It is one of the most popular applications of virtual reality technology for learning. Experience the world without leaving the classroom. Not only will virtual reality allow you to explore places, but it can also guide students to explore ocean depths, a tour of the solar system, go back to the Jurassic ages and understand historical events by traveling in time and space.

Special needs education

In recent years, virtual reality has helped teachers educate their students with special needs. It can support students with an array of disabilities such as autism, learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, sensory impairment, and severe cognitive disabilities. It has been shown to increase motivation, make lessons more enjoyable and memorable, develop cognitive skills, improve short-term memory and communication skills and facilitate social interaction.

Game-based learning

Emerging virtual reality and educational games transform the education sphere. This kind of learning is fun and works because it increases the engagement, productivity, retention, and motivation of students. The truth is the more students the students enjoy the activity, the better they grasp and retain information. Role-playing and game-show styles are the most popular examples of game-based learning.

Distance learning

Virtual reality plays an important role in shifting to remote learning. It is a new normal that allows students to attend any courses while acquiring knowledge and practical skills.

Medical education system

Immersive clinical simulations allow medical students to experience any situation from any perspective and gain practical knowledge that would be difficult to comprehend in a real environment. In addition, virtual reality will help students to have a better understanding while exploring human anatomy and physiology in a 3D environment.

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