How XR Technology Changes Career Preparation and Exploration

Proximus Wolf11/16/21 

With nearly 70% of American workers feeling unsatisfied with their career choices, schools and universities are starting to rethink the way they prepare students for workforce integration. It’s a known fact that many colleges and universities have already adopted extended reality (XR) solutions as a highly effective educational tool in the classroom. Now, it is also being used to give students a preview of different career pathways, empowering them to make better career choices.

What Is XR Technology?

XR is a collective term for Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR). These innovative technologies blend the virtual and real worlds to create a truly immersive experience. Schools and universities can leverage this technology for career prep and exploration through the following ways:

Interactive Virtual Career Fairs

Today’s virtual job fairs comprise online resume submissions, emails, live chats, and contact information exchange. But XR technology is upping the game by enabling applicants to explore the employer’s office via 3D video. For instance, the recruiting team at General Mills conducted virtual tours of their Minneapolis headquarters, earning them stellar reviews at on-campus career expos.

Hyper-Realistic Workplace Simulations

XR technology recreates real-world scenarios in VR content with the use of specialized cameras and equipment. In these virtual settings, students can immerse themselves in various workplace scenarios across a wide range of fields. For example, some VR apps use 360-degree video to immerse medical students in a hyper-realistic surgical environment. Users can make repeated attempts to solve simulated workplace challenges without having to worry about real-life repercussions.

Engaging Career Expos and Job Search Events

Encouraging students to attend job fairs can at times be challenging, but there’s a way to change that. To entice people to visit their branches, the Baltimore County Library took advantage of AR technology by organizing the Ready, Set Pokémon GO! Poké Crawl event. Every branch in the Poké Go system was either a Poké Gym where players can challenge other participants through their smartphone, or a Poké Stop, in which players can collect digital rewards. Schools can recreate this strategy to encourage students to attend their career expos and job search events, not just by using Pokémon Go, but by utilizing other gamification methods and virtual rewards.

Immersive Virtual Internships

Virtual internships are usually conducted through telecommunication, but, students don’t always get the full experience of participating in day-to-day office activities and interactions. XR technologies digitally transport users to another location, enabling them to virtually explore the workplace and even interact with other employees. Through these immersive experiences, they can better understand if a certain line of work suits their interests.

Integrate XR Solutions Into Your Higher Ed Curriculum

Hold virtual job search events, simulate workplace scenarios, and raise job awareness by integrating XR solutions into your learning curriculum. VEDX provides ready-to-use XR technologies like AR and VR to help students make better career choices. Our team will assist in equipment logistics, curriculum mapping, and performance monitoring. To find out how XR solutions can benefit your university: book a free discovery call with us today.


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