VEDX Accelerator: An Internship Program for XR

Lance Powell10/27/22 

As an immersive education provider, VEDX Solutions has believed that our students should have every opportunity to learn with the latest technologies because it is those technologies that they’ll use to build our future. We act on this belief by delivering XR equipment and software to our partner schools while also staking out a presence in the Metaverse, which is a rapidly growing collaborative space. But giving people the chance to learn doesn’t end in the school system. We also bring on young people without much experience in the XR industry to help jumpstart their careers. They only need three things to succeed: a passion for XR technologies, an idea for how to apply them, and the will to make it happen.

Our internship program begins with an education phase in which they apply and expand on their existing skills in a certified online course. Once the course has been completed or the intern feels ready, they will begin discussing their ideas for apps that contribute to immersive education. This is usually done in a small team which will consult with the VEDX Chief Technology Officer, who is their acting mentor. After they have decided on a project or they decide to develop an existing project, the teams will communicate regularly and meet weekly as they work to achieve a prototype for their immersive app. By the completion of an internship, participants will have:

  • Greater skills according to their coursework
  • Experience working on a development team
  • An addition to their portfolio through the creation of a prototype
  • Possible opportunities for their project and their career

Our internship program serves also as an opportunity for our team to bring an app to market with VEDX. It is designed as an accelerator opportunity for the internship pod to own their work and bring it to the world. Upon completion of their MVP, the interns will have the opportunity to pitch and find investment for their new application in the market, using VEDX resources and distribution. We believe that innovation is an organic grassroots process.

One of our successful interns Mustafa Akarsu began developing his VR skills in the VEDX Accelerator until he was eventually brought into the company to develop workforce projects as a paid intern. When VEDX gained clients for this project, Mustafa was hired as a full-time Unity Developer and still works with us now on our VR Workforce and 360 Video solutions.

Sunny Jin is a Unity Developer, Shyanne Russel is a 3D Artist, and together they worked on VR app for history education. After several months of work, they completed their prototype. Besides being a proud addition to their portfolio, the app is currently being shared with potential investors and distributors who could turn their work into a full app.

Anyone interested in our mentioned projects or the internship program, feel free to contact:

“As the Work Readiness Facilitator at JOB1, I must say the VR applications provided by VEDX have helped both myself and the participants tremendously.

Courtney M. Moses, Work Readiness Facilitator,
JOB1 New Orleans
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