Immersive anatomy software for educators and students

3D Organon is a medical & healthcare education platform for teaching and learning anatomy across virtual reality, desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. With a plethora of life-like anatomy models within immersive environments and an extensive knowledge base of anatomical definitions translated into 16 languages, it transforms the challenging subject of medical anatomy into concrete knowledge readily applied to clinical practice across the world.

Key Features
  • License starts at $199.50/year
  • Works on: Meta Quest Pro, Oculus Quest 2, VIVE FOCUS 3, VIVE XR Elite, Pico Neo 3 Pro & Pico 4 Enterprise
2023 Edition
Includes over 12.000 anatomical structures across 15 body systems. showcasing new features such as DICOM Viewer, Hand Tracking, VR Web Search, Lounge Area, 3D Organon Medverse, Ultrasound VR Simulator, images, refactored body actions, microscopic models, and a variety of VR environments among others.
The enriched multi-user VR module provides shared anatomy learning experiences where students can interact in the same virtual space. Users can communicate with their tutors and peers in real-time through voice chat and messages, as they magnify structures of interest, and observe and manipulate 3D models from various viewpoints.
Ultrasound VR Simulator
3D Organon is the first software platform in the world to integrate an ultrasound simulator for VR that does not require a mannequin or other special equipment.
Available in 16 Languages
The platform includes an extensive knowledge base of anatomical definitions available in multiple languages: English, traditional and simplified Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish, Georgian, Polish, Portuguese, Latin (terminology), Russian, Ukrainian, French, Greek (UI), Dutch and Thai.
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