XR Marketing To Boost Student Engagement & Enrollment

Captivate prospective students with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences, completely customized for your university.
Drive excitement about your school through interactive, immersive reality digital experiences, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and the metaverse.

Increase Conversions
Guide students down the sales funnel naturally with intuitive action prompts at every step. Our technologies encourage students to engage deeper with your university, converting prospects to commitments at higher rates.
Universally Accessible
Prospective students and parents will be able to engage with your university anytime and anywhere. Campus 360 has offices worldwide, and we guarantee that our products will be globally accessible, from the U.S. to firewall-restricted China.
Seamless Experience On All Devices
Simplify the process for students to engage with your school. Our digital assets work seamlessly across all devices, using a web browser instead of clunky app. Students can easily scan a QR code or click a link on any device — no download necessary.
Integrated Technology
Optimize your campaigns by creating a smooth and complete student experience. We create captivating AR and VR experiences that further strengthen your university’s pre-existing physical and digital assets.
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