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EON Reality is at the forefront of educational transformation through AI-powered Augmented and Virtual Reality technology. The EON-XR platform redefines traditional learning methods by converting static text and images into immersive, experiential XR environments supported by artificial intelligence. Geared towards a diverse audience including educators, corporate trainers, and professionals from K-12 to universities and business sectors, EON Reality furnishes a versatile virtual space where users can explore, collaborate, and absorb content on any device. EON Reality’s intuitive platform facilitates an engaging place for collaborative learning, allowing participants to interact with a wealth of digital assets and connect with knowledge in new, profound ways.

Key Features
  • EON-XR: A revolutionary platform enabling immersive learning through Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).
  • EON AI: A customizable AI Assistant that serves as a personal guide, tutor, helper, and more, guiding users through learning experiences
  • Templates: A pre-configured framework or outline that serves as a starting point for creating educational and training content within the platform.

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