Augment, supplement, or even replace how students learn in your district

Every school and district is different, and we've worked with all kinds to understand that yours is unique, too. Whether your district has one hundred, or one hundred thousand, we will give you a truly customized program that fits the budget, curriculum, and logistical needs of your schools.

Key Features
  • License starts at $399/yr for 30 users
  • Builder software avialable on: Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS
  • View on: Quest 1, 2 & Pro, and HTC Vive
STEM Forged Game Design
Take your students’ excitement for video games and transform it into a passion for learning STEM! Through 3D modeling, programming, and animation, students can create their own VR-capable games using our Chromebook-compatible software, Blocksmith XR. Our project-based curriculum is delivered synchronously through a live Forged Learning subject matter expert instructor. Programs also include IT support, Blocksmith EDU licenses, and full implementation. All your school needs to provide is a facilitator!
  • Extremely engaging for students
  • All-in-one Solution
  • Chromebook-compatible
  • VR Capable
STEM Forged Esports
Kids love games and need life skills. We teach them teamwork, collaboration, handling frustration, and leadership in a format they love. Teams can help boost school spirit, as well as generate excitement and pride among students, parents, and the community. NO GAMING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. All programs include a live Forged Learning esports coach, IT support, game licenses, and full implementation.
  • Proven to increase academic performance
  • All-in-one Solution
  • Increase students’ personal development skills
  • Can vary the level of competition based on school
STEM Forged Camps
Students in Game Design and Esports Camps are exposed to a variety of topics that they can use to play and create games. Through STEM Forged camps, they can spend quality time learning STEM and personal development skills in engaging enrichment programs. All camps include a Forged Learning subject matter expert, IT support, licensing, and full implementation. Customize the length of your program to fit your learning objectives!
  • Customize the length of your program
  • All-in-one Solution
  • Students play and make their own games
  • Can choose topic (esports, game design, etc)
Blocksmith EDU
Blocksmith EDU is a highly accessible builder software used to create 3D games and projects. Even on low-end devices! Learn and practice 3D design, animation, and coding using project-based curriculum. View projects on mainstream VR devices, phones, and tablets. Step back and see what your students can create!
  • Safe and secure school hub to share projects
  • 40+ hours of self-led integrated lessons
  • Works on all types of devices
  • JavaScript coding environment
Blocksmith Tours
Blocksmith Tours: K-2 is a revolutionary step in early elementary education. It is a bundle of 30-Minute Forged Learning instructor-led games that can be played on Chromebooks and tablets covering major standards like math, literacy, and science! Students create their own characters and meet in their virtual classroom to play games as a team. Let your early elementary students get hands-on with their curriculum!
  • Highly immersive, even on low-end devices
  • Themed to K-2 learning objectives and curriculum
  • Students can create their own characters
  • All games are multiplayer so they get to interact with each other in the game
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