Design your own unique universe in VR

Embark on an extraordinary journey into Multiverse, where your institution can participate in shaping the immersive metaverse experience. With access to curated and user-generated metaverses, including the unique Education District, Multiverse provides a platform for you to represent your institution and connect with a thriving online community. Customize your metaverse spaces, explore diverse districts, and unlock endless possibilities for collaboration, engagement, and creativity.

Key Features
  • Annual plans start at $100
  • Works on: Meta Quest 2
A city of opportunity. Unleash your institution’s creative potential by customizing Metaverse apartments, showrooms, classrooms, and even districts.
Exciting new spaces. Uncover a variety of unique districts, art galleries, and educational spaces such as the Planetarium and more. Explore, learn, and engage in new and exciting ways.
Create new connections. Build a supportive community of shared interests, collaborate, and connect.
Your business in VR. Create public or private events and experiences in an immersive social environment.
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