Learn English in virtual reality

Improve your English on the world’s first VR English language course. Learn from qualified teachers in live VR lessons and interact with classmates from all over the world. The exciting world of VR allows you to instantly dive into various real-world scenarios, meaning you will quickly learn from actively experiencing the English-speaking world.

Key Features
  • Courses start at €360/4weeks
  • 3 hours of live lessons per week
  • Works on: Meta Quest 2
Feel completely present in a brand-new world. The VR world is a multi sensory experience where you can interact with other students from all over the world.
Safe at home
Learn in real-life scenarios, with real people, without ever leaving home. You will meet with a real class in a virtual world where you can study with your classmates, in a safe online environment, with all the convenience of being at home.
Better communication
Become a better communicator at work and in life. Research on virtual reality shows that engaging in tasks and problem-oriented learning improves confidence and language understanding.
Explore, interact, and solve problems in real time. Our VR lessons combine the advantages of social VR gaming and meaningful task-based practice, to create a fun and effective language experience.
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