Generation Alpha: Who Are They and Why is XR Education Important to Them?

Proximus Wolf07/05/21 

For a generation whose oldest members are in grade school and the youngest are yet to be born, Generation Alpha’s potential is already getting noticed. According to publishers Ad Age, marketers and advertisers already keep a close watch on Generation Alpha, thanks to their potential spending power.

Originally coined by futurist Mark McCrindle, the term Generation Alpha refers to the tech-savvy children of millennials and the eventual successors of Generation Z. Generation Alpha includes those born between the years 2010 and 2024. Every week, 2.5 million members of this generation are born worldwide.

McCrindle shared with the New York Times that they will be the most formally educated, most technologically supplied, and wealthiest generation to date. This article will talk about what Generation Alpha can expect from the realm of technology, XR education, and the world that they will eventually take over.

Generation Alpha and Technology

Generation Alpha started the same year Instagram made its debut and when Apple launched its iPad. As a result, alphas will be the first generation whose lives will be fully immersed in technology.

Many alphas will have a digital footprint before they even understand what it means. Children of prominent celebrities, for example, already have Instagram accounts created by their parents.

While millennials may be the first generation to be raised in a digital world, alphas will be well accustomed to the seamless integration of technology into their lives.

AI and robotics are expected to be fully integrated into modern life by the year 2025. We can also expect other technological advancements like machine learning, natural language processing, and smart devices to evolve over the coming years.

It means alphas will find themselves grow up alongside a familiar technology. They may find themselves interacting with robots and AI just as often as with humans. In fact, there are already AI devices and toys specifically aimed at alphas. Examples are the robotic toy called Cozmo by Anki and the AI-supported Hatchimals by Spinmaster.

Growing up logged in and tech-savvy does have its advantages, including better digital literacy and adaptability. However, a technology-dependent childhood may create challenges, too, such as shorter attention spans and delayed social development.

Generation Alpha and Education

Generation Alpha is—literally and figuratively—still in its infancy. However, by the time alphas come of age, they’ll be the most educated generation ever.

According to recent statistics from, 94% of Americans have a high school diploma, 49% have an associate degree, and 39% have a bachelor’s degree. In addition, educational attainment among 25 to 29-year-olds has risen at every level by as much as 80% since 2000.

What does this mean? It means alphas will be more likely to grow up in an environment surrounded by educated adults compared to prior generations.

Their generation will grow up in a society where connected classrooms will be the norm. Immersive XR technologies like virtual and augmented realities will completely transform their classroom experience. XR-focused education will provide opportunities for alpha students to travel and experience places they can’t visit in person.

Continuous improvement in digital resources and the constant availability of technology will also allow Generation Alpha to access long-term education better than previous generations.

However, their ability to find information quickly and easily may change the way they view education. Alphas may focus less on formal degrees and more on skills such as:

  • Robotics
  • Coding
  • Social media marketing
  • App development
  • Big data analytics

Higher education evaluators at Eduniversal Evaluation Agency (EEA) predict that bachelor’s degrees will be as unique as an Instagram account. All-purpose diplomas that were popular with millennials will eventually have a zero-face-value on the job market. They also say that it’s possible that having a degree will no longer be an absolute prerequisite for success.

Universities will eventually have to evolve and adapt to keep up with Generation Alpha’s educational needs.

Gearing Up for the Alpha Learner and Consumer

Generation Alpha is set to become a fascinating, technologically advanced leap forward for the human race. Almost every aspect of society is now changing how they do things to meet the requirements of alphas.

Many tech startups have begun innovating and simplifying services to cater to the future demands of this generation. Educational firms are updating, gamifying, and creating better educational paradigms through technology to prepare an entire generation for jobs that don’t currently exist.

Generation Alpha is growing up during a technological revolution, a pandemic, a recession, a mental health epidemic, and an era of remote work experiments. While it’s hard to predict how their generation will turn out, the best thing we can do is to consistently reinvent, innovate, and stay invested in their growth.

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